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 Ranzington, A Decree

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PostSubject: Ranzington, A Decree   Ranzington, A Decree Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 3:32 am

A Ranzington town crier has taken up residence on the temple plaza, upon the hour - every hour, he reads the following from a rather important looking; gilded scroll.

Dear citizens of Ranzington, our Lord and Leader, Sir Sten is not deaf to your pleas. In his wisdom he has declared that all monstrous beings within ranzington be either killed, or locked up on sight.

While some of these creatures are in fact members of the Axfell and Cleaven militia, he has received confirmation from both parties that it is a reasonable precaution to take - and as such any monsters killed or imprisoned in Ranzington will not be deemed an act of agression.

You are free to wander the streets of your beloved city again, the Ranzington guard will once again keep you safe.

From the pen of Lord Sten.

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Ranzington, A Decree Rann_siggy
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Ranzington, A Decree
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