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 Spawn of Entropy

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PostSubject: Spawn of Entropy   Spawn of Entropy Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 4:17 pm

At an uncertain time, at an uncertain place, the currents of fate decreed another instance where order was undermined by subversion. For years, the archmage Neville Seurat led the War Wizards of Cormyr as a notoriously strict figurehead. His rigidity was not overzealous, but rather the credit of his regime; with his careful orchestration of deals and contingencies, his unified body of arcanists kept the forest kingdom safe from otherworldly threats, even outwitting many a devil at their lawyer's game.

Meanwhile, in an opposite realm, in whatever timeframe would apply there that could be said precedes or coincides with Seurat's administration, events were unfolding that would betray no premonition of the confrontation to come. As it always was, the plane of Limbo was ever-changing, shifting from what passes for a form into another - perhaps all illusory in anything but the presence they allude to. Through this waste devoid of thought, an envoy drifted shapelessly toward its point of departure from the realm of nonsense and into the Prime.

The transition was fast. With it, the creatures set foot onto solid ground where time and physicality would assault their free discourse for the lenght of their sojourn.

They wasted no time, because they knew no time. Footsteps laden with purpose pounded the earth with a resonance as primal as the fear that won their obedience. Thus they ventured across the strange solid scape of the Prime, somewhere in a place called Cormyr by its inhabitants, and sped stealthily toward their mark.

At this time, those within the Forest Kingdom who were privy to the highest secrets were all stirring about the same topic: a massive stone uncovered by a landslide that was thereafter left protruding out of its maternal mountain's face was rumored to be of a completely alien nature. Naturally, all of those that knew more than the rest were interested in holding onto that lead in all respects. This led to the opening of secretive discussions and barterings of information; but more importantly, a fair number of pilgrimages were made by curious arcanists to see the mysterious boulder for themselves. Among them was Neville Seurat.

A firm believer in the power of silence and the merits of discretion - to which he owed his current position in great part - Seurat forewent the ostentatious regalia that his stature would normally commend when travelling; instead of the unit of Crown guards and flamboyant accoutrements, he opted for a clandestine voyage with some mercenaries he knew were cautious enough to be trustworthy. The stone was a few day's placid travel from Suzail.

The War Wizard's arrival graced the mountain's base like a gentle breeze: unseen to all and only felt by those it touches. He made way toward the stone, armed only with a keen curiosity and his sense of duty; likewise, the creatures from Limbo approached their target with the same steadfast pace, however distant from their goal was any sense of duty. The onset of the confrontation when the paths of the seekers crossed was nothing spectacular, and quite mundane: while Seurat and his escort were climbing, leaves rustled; then a shape appeared on one side to draw the eye while from the other flank, the beasts of chaos descended on their target with savage force. It was quick and all but painless. For the mercenaries, this meant a death as pleasant as their profession can provide; for the War Wizard, this meant nothing of the sort, for he was left alive after the ambush.

Neville Seurat awoke several hours after the attack to find himself alone at the foot of a mountain he could not recall having any purpose in visiting. It was an ordinary mountain, if a bit small; nothing on its face or in its shape distinguished it from any other. Confused, the War Wizard collected his bearings and eventually secured a passage back to Suzail, with no recollection of the events that transpired at the foot of the mountain, nor those that led to them. In fact, had anyone who had been so enthused about the alien stone been asked about that very matter, they would find nothing but the vague feeling that some memory should indeed be tied to that topic, but has been misplaced.

Come into the physicality of the Prime through a channel that did not exist within its laws, the passage of the stone was rejected by reality, as was its orchestrator's intention.

After the attack on Seurat, things were mostly the same as beforehand: he continued to govern his body of wizards and spies with automated efficiency, letting the bedazzlement of his unexplained awakening by the mountain dwell at the back of his mind where it hindered no other thoughts. His reign lasted several more months, until he was found one morning, flayed and devoured on the crimson stained floor of his room.

Thus, Ja'Ila was born.
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Spawn of Entropy
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