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 A Letter Handed to Lamir

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A Letter Handed to Lamir Empty
PostSubject: A Letter Handed to Lamir   A Letter Handed to Lamir Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 2:54 pm

Dear sir,

I would greatly appreciate your input and your facilities for a project of mine. If your input is something you wish kept to yourself, then the facilities will be more then enough. I intend to conduct studies on various creatures found on this island, as well as some I have not yet seen in my lifetime, to the end of determining the structure of their being.

What I require is merely for you to hold what creatures are brought to you by bounty hunters until I can collect them, and to supply them with the reward money I shall deposit with you in lump sums, should you accept. Furthermore, I wish for the author of the bounties offered to remain unknown. In exchange, I shall share with you the results of my experiments, with the added condition that they be kept for your ends and not shared with anyone, to elminate the risk of them falling in Cleaven hands. To this end, the one collecting the bounties is to be known as Flemming, and should have no known ties to any of the warring on the isle.

If my research proves as fruitful as I anticipate, the rewards should be plentiful for us both.

Life Eternal under the Vhaunted Gaze,

- Willow
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A Letter Handed to Lamir
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