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 Aion ~ The Tower Of Eternity

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PostSubject: Aion ~ The Tower Of Eternity   Aion ~ The Tower Of Eternity Icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 4:25 am

Quite some time ago i was talking about a game that was still in closed beta, this game was called Aion and not many of you have heard of it before. Well you people who do check on the MMO-scene should have heard something by now and its soon to be released. I've played through three of the closed betas and im now im the open beta so i thought i should post a few interesting things about it for those that are interesting.

All of these videos are high quality (HD) and is relevant to what will be released here in Europe and North America. Remember, press the HD button!

World & Lore ~ A podcast from the American developers, they talk about the world, lore and wings!

Classes & Customization ~ The second part of the podcast where they discuss classes and how you can customize your character in so many diffrent ways.

PVP/Siege & The Abyss ~ The Abyss is where all the PVP action happens, its not instanced like in wow and its a huge world with capturable fortresses and rather similar mechanics to Warhammer. However they do this in a most interesting way, introducing gatekeepers, the mysterious relic wich is the most destructive offensive weapon that exists side from the Dreadigon battleship, wich is the baalurs ultimate weapon. If you watched the first podcast you know whom the Baalur are. The relic has the power to decimate all living creatures surrounding the fort, however its not easy to activate or to control, the pvp is quite amazing and so versatile.

A Taste Of The Fluffy Elyos
~ Probalby the best machinima up to date with an Elyos in the center, scary.

1.5 Patch ~ The game will instantly be updated to 1.5 as it releases, this is a sneak peak of what will be in the said patch

"Ramob" ~ The character customization is really amazing but.. im impressed they actually was able to mimic Mr.StalloneĀ“s face..

And thats all from me, if anyone is interested that is ~Chuckles~

Aion ~ The Tower Of Eternity Dungeon_Master_20d
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Aion ~ The Tower Of Eternity
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