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NWN 1 Faction roleplay PW using CEP v2.3
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 Assassin Darkness

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PostSubject: Assassin Darkness   Assassin Darkness Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:56 am

Creates a special version of the Darkness spell only open to Assassins.

The spell is three uses per day

    All hostiles within The AoE Take 2d (assassin level) + Intelligence modifier of Damage.
    There is a save (18 + Assassin level + Intelligence modifier vs fortitude save) for blindness.

    Targets immune to Blind will not be Blinded.

Duration: Assassin level * 2 rounds
It does not effect Allies

The AoE can not be stacked

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Assassin Darkness Rann_siggy
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Assassin Darkness
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