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 Dragon shape

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PostSubject: Dragon shape   Dragon shape Icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 3:13 am

Quote :
Dragon Shape (Prerequisites: Dragon Shape [21 Character Levels, 18 Druid Levels or 10 Shifter Levels, 28 Wisdom])

Does that mean i can be like say 10 Harper 18 Druid (so long as i have 28 wisdom) i can take the form? as i'm a tad confused Very Happy as i always thought they required you to be epic druid to be able to take any of the forms.

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon shape   Dragon shape Icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 3:43 am

The pre's have always been:

wild shape 6x/day or greater wildshape IV
21st level
wisdom 30+.

Though here we've bumped the wis requirement down 2.

So your example would work. (Provided you took that 18th druid level on an epic level, where you were able to select a feat.)

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Dragon shape
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