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 Barbarian Rages

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PostSubject: Barbarian Rages   Barbarian Rages Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:58 am

Barbarian Rage/Greater Rage:

The duration is now twice as long and it gives slightly more bonuses to your ablities. Normal Rage gives 1+AB. Greater Rage gives 3+AB and -2 to AC.

Mighty Rage (Named The Doombringer):

    Gives you three more uses a day and increses the duration of all rages by 100%.
    When used, this rage now provides the following bonuses to the barbarian:

      A reciprocal damage shield that deals 1d10 slashing damage + 1 damage per two barbarian levels
      A dodge AC increase of 1 + 1 AC per 20 barbarian levels
      A damage bonus of +2d6 negative energy damage. (Note that this damage is irresistible.)

    The duration of this ability is two rounds per barbarian level.

Thundering Rage:

It can only be applied to a Melee Weapon.
If activated while Polymorphed, nothing happeneds. However, if activated before Polymorph it will still merge.

The bonus granted is:
    2d12 Massive Critical
    On Hit: Deafness at DC: 26 with 25% Chance of appliance for 3 Rounds.

      If the Barbarian has 26 Barbarian Levels or more, they get 2d4 Electrical Damage added to their base Damage.
      This damage bonus is Universal and will add to the Characters damage dealt and not just the Weapons Damage.
      It still requires a Melee weapon to be equipped to work.

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Barbarian Rages Rann_siggy

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PostSubject: Re: Barbarian Rages   Barbarian Rages Icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2009 9:41 pm

Mighty rage is currently called The Doombringer when selecting it.
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Barbarian Rages
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