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 Circle of Death

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Circle of Death Empty
PostSubject: Circle of Death   Circle of Death Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 9:00 pm

Circle of Death

Spell level: Wiz/Sor 6
Innate level: 6
School: Necromancy
Descriptor: Death
Components: V, S
Range: Long
Area of effect: 12
Duration: Instant
Save: Fortitude
Spell resistance: Yes
Metamagic: No
Counterspell: -

Description: The caster creates a deadly pulse that slays up to 10 creatures below 18 HD. A successful save means nothing happens, whereas a failed save means the target is killed and inflicted 6d6 points of negative energy damage.

There is no hidden catch, this spell is useless on targets higher than 17 HD.
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Circle of Death
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