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 Ranzington Trade

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PostSubject: Ranzington Trade   Ranzington Trade Icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 6:49 am

Lord Sten, in his wisdomous and disciplined ways, is almost never seen angry. Though, with trade interrupted to his beloved city - by way of a recurring broken lighthouse, he is at his wits end.

For months and months has the lighthouse, situated atop jagged rocks, been plagued with strange occurrences - a storm which never subsides, the death of every keeper that Sten would send and the strange disappearances of all who set foot inside.

Though no-one is sure of the cause, some whisper that it is a dark wizard, his name stricken from Ranzington records - that once upon a time tried to overthrow Sten and his ideals and replace them with war. However, in all great times of strife, this rumour is strengthened - for the magus was exiled long ago, to a far off land.

Though some trade enters still through Ranzington docks, by way of skilled sailors and sheer luck, Sten has called for aid from the most hardened of adventurers. Seeking to gain the favour of such a powerful individual, many - it is assumed, will answer the call.

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Ranzington Trade
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