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 [Req] Roaring Twenties Themed Movies

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[Req] Roaring Twenties Themed Movies Empty
PostSubject: [Req] Roaring Twenties Themed Movies   [Req] Roaring Twenties Themed Movies Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 5:52 am

Hi All,

I’m putting together a shopping list of movies based on the Roaring Twenties era. The kind of themes I’m looking for include:

Prohibition/Speak Easy Culture/ The Jazz Age
Stock Market Culture (“Everyone ought to be rich”)
American Optimism for the future
Glamourous City Lifestyle (Pin Striped Suits)
American home lifestyle/consumerism (“What will they think of next?”)

The most obvious example I have so far is James Cagney’s 1939 film “The Roaring Twenties”. [Other examples may include gangster films such as Scarface (1932) and Little Caesar (1931) however I am not exclusively looking for gangster films]

If anyone can recommend any others, I’m all ears.

Thanks In Advance for all responses
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[Req] Roaring Twenties Themed Movies
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