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NWN 1 Faction roleplay PW using CEP v2.3
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 Deathless Master Touch

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PostSubject: Deathless Master Touch   Deathless Master Touch Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 4:11 am

The Pale Master can drain life from their enemies with this ability.

This works like a very powerful version of Vampiric Touch. It has no Touch Range or SR, just a Fortitude Save.

The DC is 22 and plus 1 for every other PM Level. Spellcraft does not grant Save bonuses against this ability.

The Damage is 2d3 per PM Level.
The Damage inflicted will be given as Temporary HP to the PM.

If the Target is an ally Undead, it will Heal it 4 times its damage.

This ability is Wild Magic.

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Deathless Master Touch Rann_siggy
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Deathless Master Touch
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