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 Shifter / RDD Healing

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PostSubject: Shifter / RDD Healing   Shifter / RDD Healing Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:38 am

Shifters and RDD's can now heal themselves two times a day if they are in a Shape.

The healing is based on your Wisdom if you're a Shifter and Consitution if you're a RDD.

All Shifters/RDDs now gain a bonus feat called Hair Shirt of Illmater.

This can be access via your Radial Menu and allows you to Heal yourself.

You can only target yourself.

If this feat is activated a series of checks will start;

1.) There is a check to see how many Shifter/RDD Levels you had when you last logged on, leveled up, died or respawned (possibly leveled down).
If your Shifter/RDD Levels are above 1, the checks continue.

2.) There is a check to see if your Racial Type is Undead. If so, nothing happeneds. If not, the checks continue.

3.) There is a check to see if you used this ability twice already. If not, the checks continue.

4.) There is a check to see if your have a Polymorphed Effect on you. If not, nothing happends. If so, you get healed.

This Script will then check how many Shifter/RDD Levels you had before you Polymorphed and how much your Current Wisdom/Constiution modifier is.

Then it will heal you based on the following calculations;

Class Levels * Wisdom/Consitution Modifier + 8d20.

This script will only fire two times per rest.

Resting will reset the Timer completely.

Note: If you log out or crash while in a Shape, this bonus Feat will get messed up. To solve this you return to your normal form and relog (which you need to do anyways to restore your Quickslots).

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Shifter / RDD Healing Rann_siggy
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Shifter / RDD Healing
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