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 Pets (A Brief Introduction)

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PostSubject: Pets (A Brief Introduction)   Pets (A Brief Introduction) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:43 am

I figured it was time for another pointless feature.
Something just for fun or passing time or RP or whatever.

This is how it works:

Each time the server loads zero to eight Minor Entangle Traps will spawn in any of 20 random areas around the island.
Up to 4 traps on each half of the island, it needs to be fair!

These traps works as regular traps, aside from the fact that when they are triggered or disarmed, you will get an item called "Pet".

Once you get the Pet-item in the inventory it will be given one of 20 or so randomly selected names.
For the sake of this example, lets say it was given the name "Piglet".

Now you have a little pig pet.

Now you simply use the item to spawn an utterly useless Piglet summon.
It's your pet now!

Pet items can be traded freely amongst players and sold/tossed if you grow tired of them.

Collect them like Pokémons or sell them like low-priced asian 'escorts'.
I don't care!

Who knows, maybe something cool happens when you have collected all the pets?!



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Pets (A Brief Introduction) Rann_siggy
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Pets (A Brief Introduction)
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