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 Deck Of Cards

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PostSubject: Deck Of Cards   Deck Of Cards Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:43 am

You can create a deck of card in your inventory and use it to play cards with other players.

This is how it works;

Take out your Deck of Cards:
First you must open your Crafting Menu to create the Deck of Card in your inventory.
Feedback will float above your head informing the other Players.
You can only have one deck at the time.
Once created, you will get a 'Sealed Deck of Cards' in your inventory. This is a fresh untouched deck.

Break the seal:
To break the seal of this fresh deck, simple use it.
Feedback will float above your head informing the other Players.
Now the deck is opened and is called 'A Full Deck of Cars' at which point you can start to deal.

To deal you simply use the Deck on yoursel, the ground or another PC.
The cards will end up where you click.
Feedback will float above your head informing the other Players whom is dealing to whom.
You can only deal one card at the time.

Toggle Face-down/up Dealing:
If you wish to deal card face-down, you can toggle that by using the Deck on the Deck. If you wish to turn it off, simpley use the Deck on the Deck again. This applies for both Dealing on the ground and on other Players/Yourself.
Default is Face-up Dealing, meaning all cards dealt to both ground and Players are face-up.
However, the Party-feedback will still not tell what card it is so your opponents will remain oblivious to what card was dealt.
Party-feedback will however inform the others what you've toggled.
Your toggled settings are remembered until reboot.

Look at your card:
You can choose to look at a card by using the card on yourself.
Feedback will float above your head informing only you what card it is.
The card will still be called 'A Face-down Card' and only you know what it is.
If Face-up dealing is activated, this feature is a bit pointless. You can just look at the cards name instead.

Flip your card:
If you wish to flip and look at your card, you use the card on the card.
Feedback will float above your head informing only yourself what card it is.
If need be, you can flip the card back over again.
At this point the cards name will change from A Faced Down Card to the suit and face. For example 'King of Spades'.
If Face-up dealing is activated, you will get the card dealt to you face up and with the name of suit and face.

Show one card to another Player:
If you wish to show your card to only one player, without flipping it over, use the card on that player.
Feedback will float above your head informing you who you showed the card to and what it is.
Feedback will float above the Targets head informing the Target whose showing him/her a card and what the card is.
None of these two feedbacks will be seen by other Players.

Show All Cards:
If you wish to show all your cards, use any card on the ground.
Feedback will float above your head informing the other Players what cards you hold.
This will automatically flip over any unflipped cards.

Put back a card in the deck:
If you wish to put a card back in the deck, use the card on the deck.
Feedback will float above your head informing the other Players what you're doing.

Remove your Deck:

If you rest, you will lose all your cards and deck. This is to make sure no one can cheat.

So if you want to play someone else, make sure everyone playing has just rested and is in your Party.
Also, appointing one dealer might be a good idea, hehe.
This way no one cannot cheat you.

To make things a bit less confusing in the beginning, I've colorcoded Party-feedback in Orange and Personal-feedback in Green ingame too.

As always, it sounds complicated. But it's really easy.
Feel free to try around and learn how it works before you attempt to play someone else.

I'm using Local Int on the objects to save up on blueprints, so the deck will keep track of what cards it has and not.
The cards themselves will keep track of what card they are.
You cannot put two identical card into one deck.
For all intents and purposes the deck is a real deck of 52 cards. This with only two scripts and two blueprints. Hoho.

Since it uses Local Ints, it would be a good thing for Players to not run around with a lot of cards on them.
If you're done playing, please rest as soon as possible.
And while we are on the subject of causing strain on the Server, if you intend to use the Show All Card-option, try to make sure you don't have many cards in your inventory. It might cause a TMI if you have 20+ cards on you (however not too likely).

Enjoy and let poker nights being!

- TheMothMan

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Deck Of Cards Rann_siggy
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Deck Of Cards
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