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 A page from Victor's childhood

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PostSubject: A page from Victor's childhood   A page from Victor's childhood Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 2:32 am

A page from Victor's childhood.

He sat alone under the tree as he always did, the usual
barrage of insults and taunting from the other boys having
finally died down again. He didn’t cry though, no matter
what they other children would say or do, he had no more
tears and especially not for them.
He sat alone under the tree as he always did for most of the
day, his silent eyes watching the other children at play. He
did not understand some of their games in truth, and he was
not of a mind to try to. They ran back and forth kicking
balls or chasing each other, all the while screaming at the
top of their lungs. The one game he could grasp was when the
boys would gather sticks and play war games. He enjoyed
watching those games to a degree though he would never admit
to them he wished to join in.

Alone he would sit there until the grown ups came out to
tell the children it was time to come in and eat. He always
waited until the woman came up to him herself and asked if
he had gone deaf. He was lead into the main hall and then
into the dinning area, the rest of the children already
sitting and making noise as they ate. His bowl was given to
him then filled and, once again, he moved to a corner to be
alone while he ate.

It was much the same when it came time for the children of
the orphanage to be put to sleep. Victor’s bed was, again,
in the corner as he preferred and next to the window so he
could see down into the yard outside. It was at times like
this he new he was being watched, by eyes somehow sinister
and, in a twisted way, caring. He didn’t like it, the way
the eyes made him feel. He didn’t like the expectations
that came with the gaze that fell on him on these nights
because, somehow, it made him feel cold.
“Victor,” he snapped to attention hearing his name and
looked from the window quickly, “why are you still awake,

His gaze was met by the kind face of a woman, an older woman
who worked in the kitchens and let him have treats when he
helped clean dishes. Seeing her was one of the few times he
could smile.
“And still staring out the window as well,” she gave him
a motherly smile as she stood near his bed, sitting near the
head of it as he knelt with both of his hands on the window
seal, “you are dreamer, aren’t you? I imagine you will
do great things when you grow up”.
“Lady Maris,” Victor crawled under his sheets and looked
up at her sadly, hoping she would know what is on his mind
so he would not have to say it.
“You felt those eyes again, dear?”
“Yes… I don’t like them.”
“Victor,” she knelt forward and brushed a few of his
stray dark hairs from his forehead, “can you remember the
day you came to live in the orphanage?”
“Only that it was raining that day,” he looked up at the
older woman with wondering eyes, not sure why she was
bringing this up.
“I knew then you were special,” her smile warmed as she
looked down at him, “some day, you will come to see how
and why… and then you can choose what to do with your
“I have a gift, Lady Maris?”
“Yes, and only you can decide what it is for, Victor.”
Victor looked down at his sheets as he tried to understand
what she was saying but grasped, at least a little, that the
idea was too big for him right now. He rolled over in his
bed toward Maris and gave a slightly content smile. She
smiled in turn and rose to her feet, taking her candle in
hand and making her way to the door and out of the boy’s

The next day Victor went back to his tree after the children
were fed breakfast, arms hugged around his legs as they were
held against his chest and back against the tree trunk. He
was taken slightly by surprise when one of the girls came
walking over, he did not know her. He said nothing as she
sat down next to him and looked at the other children. The
silence hung in the air for a long time until she smiled at
“What’s your name?”
Victor said nothing and kept staring at the yard where the
other children were playing. Her question hung in the air
for a long moment before she began to lean to one side
awkwardly to try and look at his face.
“I’m Mil’is,” she tried smiling a little more
pleasantly at Victor.
“What do you want,” he asked quietly, not returning her
“I want to know what your name is,” she seemed to get
happier at the fact he had responded.
He turned his gaze slowly to look at Mil’is, a sigh of
resignation escaping his lips before his words.
“How come you don’t play with the other boys?”
“I don’t want to.”
“Because I don’t, that is all there is to it.”
Mil’is frowned a little looking at Victor, folding her
hands and resting them on her lap. Victor turned his silent
gaze back on the other children playing away from them in
the yard, the silence hanging in the air for a long moment
until it looked like Mil’is was about to say something
again. Her words were cut off by a call from the back
kitchen door.
He looked up to see Lady Maris standing there, her apron
tied around her waist and a rag in her hands, probably
cleaning flour and such off. Victor stood quickly and was
about to go when his hand was taken suddenly. Turning to
look at Mil’is for a moment in wonder as to why she would
stop him.
“Can we play together later, Victor?” her expression was
“I… I guess.”
She released his hand, smiling cheerfully at him as he made
his way to the kitchens to see what Lady Maris wanted.

“Feel like earning your keep again,” she asked, a
playful smile on her lips as she looked down at Victor.
Victor nodded and readied himself for whatever chores she
might be waiting to give to him. She handed him a few rags
and pointed in the direction of the dishes. Victor might
have smiled about the situation if he was not about to start
working on dirty dishes. He worked silently, much the same
way he did most everything else, and began piling the dishes
up on the other tables. He was nearly finished, not as much
work today and it surprised him, when he heard footsteps and
voices. Preferring to not be seen most of the time, he
ducked under a table and would have waited for them to pass,
instead they continued their chattering on the other side of
one of the tables rather close to where he hid.
“That new little girl was talking to him, she was,” one
of the woman said, “she would do best to avoid that boy,
he’s got a bad omen on him.”
“What ya mean by that?”
“You haven’t heard how he came to be here,” the woman
asked in a bit of astonishment.
“Why no, only been here a few weeks now.”
“Well,” the woman sounded rather pleased with herself
suddenly, perhaps this was a bit of gossip she rather
enjoyed sharing, “there used to be this nice old fella
lived in town near by here, had himself a beautiful daughter
“What happened to’em?”
“It was on to ‘bout ten years ago that something bad
happened is what,” she nodded her head in a mocking
attempt to seem sage-like, “some kind of mess happened as
the old man and his daughter were coming back to town from a
meeting in a bigger city, might have been Neverwinter or
such, the old man was important to his faith and all.”
“But what happened?”
“No one knows rightly,” she bent forward, as if she were
sharing a secret even if she spoke just as loudly, “but
his daughter didn’t come back out of house for near onto
another year. And when she did, she had a child in tow. He
would only get angry if anyone asked questions and you could
tell his girl was terrible sad ‘bout something.”
“And? Then what?”
“His daughter, poor dear, died not so long after, most say
it was over a broken heart ‘bout something. It was almost
the same night too when the house caught fire and the old
man died too, say they found the boy squatting outside of it
and speaking nonsense.”
“Who was the boy then?”
“Same lad we was just talking ‘bout, girl,” she stood
straight again, acting indignant, “was no where else for
him to go and the townspeople had nothing but respect for
the man. Boys been living here since now but he has never
taken a liking to the rest of the children ‘round here.
Always sitting alone and such”
“Except for today when that new girl went up to him then,
“That’s right, dear,” she picked up a rag to clean her
hands off as she nodded again.
The two began walking off, their voices still echoing into
the kitchen to Victor as he remained huddled up under the
table, a rag clenched tightly in his little fist.

The house was burning, fire was dancing everywhere playfully
and eating away at the wood. Victor stumbled through the
flames, he was looking for his grandfather, his grandfather
could stop it. A step broke under his foot as he tried going
down the stairs and he tumbled forward, landing in a heap
and wincing when he tried to rise again. A thunderous crash
came from outside and gave him enough drive to get up again,
finding the front doors open, he made his way out to see a
new horror. His grandfather stood with brilliant white
lights dancing around him and across from him stood some
kind of monster. The horned beast and Victor’s grandfather
both turned to see him leaving the burning house, the
monster grinned and his grandfather snarled.
“It seems your stalling me has done you nothing, old
man,” the monster turned his grin on Victor’s
“I’ll kill him now then,” Victor’s eyes went wide as
his grandfather suddenly turned his power from the beast to
The monster had other plans, it’s large weapon rose up and
cut the old man in half, an explosion of blood following.
Victor stood dumb as the now cleaved body of his grandfather
lay before him, life blood seeping from his chest and many
other places. Victor was so struck numb that he did not
notice the beast come closer and pick him up. Only then did
his sense return and leave him crying bitterly. The monster
did not care for his crying and spoke loudly to be heard.
“He was going to kill you and you cry now that he is
dead,” the beast might have been chuckling, it was hard
for Victor to know, “you are going to have to become
stronger then this before I cane take you home.”
Victor lost himself in his tears and remained lost until he
was shaken suddenly a large group of people had come seeing
the fire. His grandfather’s body was not on the ground
anymore and the house was beyond saving now. Victor was
shaken suddenly again.

Lady Maris was looking at Victor with a great deal of worry
on her face.
“Victor, answer me.”
“Lady Maris,” Victor looked up at her, tears staining
his cheeks as he suddenly felt a pain in his hand.
She gasped seeing that the rag he had been clenching was wet
with his blood, a hint of sizzles rising from it as she took
it from his hand and made him come to the sink so she could
clean his hand. Her face was still painted with worry as she
looked at Victor.
“What happened, Victor?”
“Nothing,” was all he would say, gazing blankly in front
of himself.
She scowled but let it be for the moment, wrapping his hand
with clean clothe where his nails had dug into his palm.

To be Continued--->
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Join date : 2009-04-29
Age : 34
Location : Norway

A page from Victor's childhood Empty
PostSubject: Re: A page from Victor's childhood   A page from Victor's childhood Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 2:32 am

That night, Victor could not sleep. He sat in bed looking
out the window again until he felt a hand on his, jumping
slightly and turning to see who touched him. Mil’is stood
“You said we could play later, Victor.”
“It’s the middle of the night,” Victor looked puzzled.
“Best time,” she giggled softly, her eyes beginning to
take on a hint of red in their depths, “this way all those
grown-ups can’t stop us.”
Victor looked at her suspiciously.
“You’re not a girl.”
“Of course not,” she began to grow taller, her little
dress becoming far more revealing as wings grew from her
back, “but someone asked me to come play with you.”
“Who sent you here?”
“If you can not remember,” she grinned, leaning down to
look him in the eye, “then I am not allowed to tell
She placed her hand on his chest and he was about to push
her away when he felt something rush through him. An
intensely warm feeling of power, a power he could not
“Now, we are going to play,” she laughed as she faded
from view.
Victor looked in bewilderment at his hands, the cloth still
wrapped about his hand burning away as he felt the warmth
grow stronger and stronger until his bed caught aflame as
well. Falling out off of it with a cry, he hit the floor
sharply and reached up to rub his head. Looking where he
feel he leapt to his feet, the wood was on fire as well.
“I wonder why you couldn’t remember what happened until
Victor looked to the darkness of the room and saw two eyes
watching him.
“Yes, Victor,” the bodiless eyes laughed, “Now you can
see me, now that I unlocked the seed in your heart.”
Victor cried out and threw his hands up in front of himself,
his body erupting in flames. The fire began playfully
setting everything a blaze and Victor suddenly grew angry.
“You,” he sneered through gritted teeth, “you killed
my grandfather!”
“Of my sins,” the bodiless eyes chuckled now, “that
would be the least noteworthy.”
The fires were growing and spreading out across the room,
even out of it at this point, but Victor didn’t care
anymore. He hated this monster and it could see that. This
only amused it however.
“Know your place, my whelp,” its presence slowly faded
from view, “I will come for you when I believe you are
The presence faded away and Victor was left alone with the
fire he was just becoming aware of again. Looking around for
only a moment, he ran to the door and out into the hallway,
seeing how far the fire had gone he began to wonder how long
he been standing there. The more he ran through the hallways
the more the fires gave chase until the entire building
seemed to be burning down. Nowhere else to run, he went to
the stairs and toward the main doors but was stopped by a
punch to his stomach. He dropped to his knees coughing,
wincing as he looked up to see the thing that called itself
“Just going to run off,” she asked looking down at him,
“didn’t want to see all the fun you’re leaving behind
for everyone else?”
Victor was angry at first but suddenly frightened. Lady
Maris. Still coughing he rose to his feet and turned toward
the serving quarters. Running while he held his stomach and
stumbling some of the way until he went through the
kitchens, also on fire but the flames had only just reached
this side. He turned to where the servants slept and tried
opening the door. It wouldn’t move at first so he began
banging his fist all the while crying out.
“Lady Maris, wake up!”
The door opened and Mil’is was there to greet him on the
other side with a wicked grin.
“She’s still sleeping,” the hint of a giggle hanging
in her words, “but I don’t think you can wake her.”
Victor didn’t care about Mil’is right now and ran past
her to Maris’ bed, his eyes widening in horror and turning
away quickly as his stomach nearly returned his dinner to
him. Bent over the night stand by the bed, Victor wrestled
with his stomach and began shaking. Not for fear or sorrow,
but anger. Anger always came to him before sorrow did. He
turned a furious glare at Mil’is who only stood there
giggling playfully. Victor leapt at her, his voice raised in
a roar of anger but she drifted back out of reach, very much
laughing now at him now as she brought a hand up and licked
fresh blood from a claw.
“I’ll kill you,” Victor screamed.
“You are welcome to try, whelp” she grinned mockingly at
him, “You did say you would play with me after all.”
Victor felt suddenly blind to anything but Mil’is, his
world fading out in a deep shade of blood as he glared at
her and only her. Mil’is was amused at first but suddenly
grew wary of the boy in front of her. Victor’s body gave
off the sickly stench of demonic power, his eyes shinning in
a brilliant color of crimson as he threw his head back and
cried out, a cry that came from that deepest part of him.
“That is not from my master,” it was her turn to have
her eyes go wide with horror.
Surges of power flew out of the boy following his primal
roar of rage, bolts of power striking Mil’is and throwing
her back against a wall. His roar slowly faded out and
Victor dropped to the floor, the red haze fading to black as
he fell unconscious.
Victor had no way of knowing how much later it was when he
finally began to awake, quickly bringing a hand up to his
head as a pounding headache made him wonder if he was better
off still being asleep. Memories lazily floated back to mind
and he slowly became aware of the fact he was not in a
building right now. Slowly, his eyes opened and he began
looking around. Trees then bushes and finally fire came into
view. The orphanage was on fire. He was going to rise to his
feet but nausea took that idea from him, instead slowly
crawling to the edge of the cliff he was on and looking
down. There was no saving the building, just like before and
the villagers circled around looking for anyone who might
have escaped. Victor began to cry again, holding his face in
his hands as he wept bitter tears. The last tears he would
shed for a very long time.
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A page from Victor's childhood
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