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 Assault Trebuchets

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PostSubject: Assault Trebuchets   Assault Trebuchets Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:46 am

Trebuchets have been added to the game!

If you don't know what a trebuchet is it's counterweighted siege machine that uses a sling to throw large objects further distance then a catapult. They are now conveniently for sale by your fort's local trader.

A good bit outside battlement range of both forts you'll find a patch of dirt worn into the grass. If you have the trebuchet in your inventory, and are in enemy territory, you can deploy the trebuchet by clicking on this patch of dirt.

Once you'll do this you'll notice two things appear:

1. The Trebuchet

It's large and wooden, you can't miss it. Works much like cannons and catapaults from your end, you simply click it to load, 20 sec load time, click again to fire. Here's where things get different.

The Trebuchet doesn't merely target the closest enemy. It targets a region of your enemy's defenses. The trebuchet can target the left battlement, the gate, or the right battlement. Naturally, siege equipment with this type of range is not particularly accurate. It would not be wise to target areas where your forces reside as you may hit them.

The damage from the trebuchet is based upon how close you are to where the projectile lands and explodes. Here's the equation:

damage = 150 * sin( (Distance/PI) + (PI/2)); (in radians)

This means that if your roughly 5 meters or more away from where the projectile hits you'll take no damage. If you stare up at the rock bewildered as it falls directly on top of your head you will take 150 damage.

The only reflex save is your keyboard and mouse. If you see a giant rock arcing towards you, move =P

2. Rope Bundle "Trebuchet Adjustment Rope"

Clicking this will cycle the trebuchet through the different targets (left, gate, right). The trebuchet targets the gate to begin with.

This Trebuchet also comes with a Cannon and a Catapult for every assult needs!

They also shoot automaticly.

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Assault Trebuchets
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