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 Relic System

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PostSubject: Relic System   Relic System Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:46 am

The idea was to give more meaning to a gate assault other then the bragging rights and chance to kill some enemy players. In order to accomplish this, a valued relic to each factions Gods (Lathander and Talos) has been placed in a Reliquary inside each Factions Temple.

After an assaulting force has smashed their way through the defenders and the gates they can now make their way to the enemy faction's temple, break down the door to the Sanctuary, and steal this relic from the Reliquary!

This relic is non-tradeable, extremely heavy, and cannot be put in a bag. The faction must defend whoever is carrying the relic back to their own Temple where they can please their God by placing the captured Relic in their own Reliquary. Once this is complete your faction will find that when your god is pleased with you, that you gain greater rewards for "service to your faction". +50 greater rewards to be exact.

The offended faction can always mount an assault to get their relic back and steal the other factions in the process and if successful their god will be the pleased one.

If the carrier is killed, or logs out on the way back, he will lose the relic(s) and it will be automatically returned to whichever temple it was just stolen from. Meaning if your bringing back both your relic and the enemy one after you mounted a counter-assault to take it back it will return to their temple, not yours.

As well as an increase in timed XP gain, the faction with their enemys relic will be looked upon more favourably by their respective deitys.

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Relic System
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