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 You are cordially invited to...

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PostSubject: You are cordially invited to...   You are cordially invited to... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 10:47 am

*If you have walked around the isle you would notice parchments hanging all over the place, tons in cleaven, tons in Ranzington and even a few in axfell - more specifically on their outer walls and many more in the surrounding forest. This parchment is neatly scribbled upon with pink crayons and if you examine it closely it would read*

Your presence is requested at
A moment of transcendence.
The mystery of two as one
Requires your attendance.

You will witness something more
Than ordinary life:
The transformation of two souls
Into a man and wife.

Wether you be Axfell or Cleaven you are hereby invited to Tannia and Alex's (Lexy) wedding wich will be held in Ranzington by the blessing of Lord Sten. The date has not yet been set due to indecisiveness but sometime soon so prepare yourselves for a feast!

Come, eat, drink and bless this couple with all the love and joy you can muster!

This gift is but a token of
my wish for you: a life of love.

-Signed Elenoriel of Cleaven with the official stamp of approval from Lord Sten himself

You are cordially invited to... Dungeon_Master_20d
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You are cordially invited to...
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