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 A letter to Hullet

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A letter to Hullet Empty
PostSubject: A letter to Hullet   A letter to Hullet Icon_minitimeSat Mar 06, 2010 2:38 am

A Red imp flies through the skies of Anphillia, a envelope clutched in its hands. As it flies over Axfell it releases the letter, dropping it at Captain Hullet’s feet. The letter has the seal of the Cleaven Praetor on the back. The letter reads:

“Captain Hullet, there is an urgent matter at hand and i request a meeting with you, at Ranzington. There has been a threat upon Ranzintgon and i wish to discuss a matter which deeply bothers me, there is a band of warriors who wish to claim Ranzington as there own, i know and i am sure that you know Ranzington is both of our supply routes it would be a bother to us both if it were to be over run, this letter is only a brief outlining the rest we can discuss face to face.

Cleaven Praetor,
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A letter to Hullet
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