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 Keeping Anphillia-virgins

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PostSubject: Keeping Anphillia-virgins   Keeping Anphillia-virgins Icon_minitimeSat Mar 06, 2010 4:49 am

I think it's safe to assume that most of us players here has been around Anphillia mods of some kind for a long time.
But seeing how server upon server is disappearing, their former players have to go -somewhere-.

If a former RP-server player has lost his/her home, it's safe to assume that this person will look for a new server under RP.
It's also safe to assume that they will sort by number of players online, or not sort at all (default sorting is the name of the server in alphabetical order).

In both cases this server is located in a good spot.

But once the players actually get onto the server, that is where things stop going in our favor - as I see it.

I would think the biggest issue for a new player (after the Journal has been scanned for rules and whatnot) is "-What do I do now?".
The server takes no active measures to help the Anphillia virgin get started.
This seems important now - now more than ever.

Fine, there are some complication with 2da's and stuff, but it's nothing really needed to sink your teeth into right of the bat as a new player.
What seems important is for the mod to approach the player and not vice versa.

My suggestions:
Introduction Quests.

Have Nadie or Whats-her-name in Axfell walk towards a new player. Speak a voice string and force a conversation with the player.
In the unlikely event that two new players are created and enter the same side at the same time, one of them will have to talk to the NPC manually.

The greeter has a very very basic quest for the newb; Report to the Captain.
The newb goes to talk to the Captain.
The Captain has a new quest, which the conversation-tree inevitable leads to.
A quest to use a magic item to see if the watersource in the fort has been contaminated by the enemy.
But the Barrack cleric has this tool, so you need to go to her first.
Which is the second quest - find the barracks and the cleric in there.

Once the barrack-cleric has been located, you get a new quest. Use the tool near the fort well. A trigger location and a simple ItemActivate script should fix that.
Once that is done a conversation with yourself pops up and you remind yourself to report back to the barrack cleric with your findings.

Once there you complete that quest and get a new quest - bring the sample from the well to the fort magus for study.
He recives the sample and gives you a new quest; he needs two dozen silver ingots to complete his analysis.
This leads you to the town smith.
And so on until all key places have been introduced.
The quests could all end with the Stolen Necklace-quests.

Seems reasonable that the rewards are enough to make a none-subrace char level 5-6 after doing all the introduction quests.
Anyone of those that find level 40 to be pointless and has gone for a subrace, would end up at level 4-5 after these quests.
All this just to give the new player a form of fast and quick achivement - a place to start and get the ball rolling.

Later on the Captains quests will lead the player to Ranzington (and certain death in Grand Forest since most likely a highlevel player has travelled there spawning all kinds of newbslayers).

Nevertheless, the Anphillia virgin is now in kneedeep and has no choice but to stay - muahahaha!

Just a thought - 1-2 hours work or so might be a well placed investment to get more players to stick around.


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PostSubject: Re: Keeping Anphillia-virgins   Keeping Anphillia-virgins Icon_minitimeSat Mar 06, 2010 11:28 am

I want to point out that the way I suggested these quests are just suggestions, the quests could of course be about anything.
The key as I see it is to get a player started and familiar with the fort.
To get the ball rolling.

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PostSubject: Re: Keeping Anphillia-virgins   Keeping Anphillia-virgins Icon_minitimeSun Mar 07, 2010 3:42 am



People who come here love the mod, but soon either glom on trying to get as many chars as Thonil... or they decide they will never be able to and split (more of the latter than the former)... this is our rare and precious resource though (the new people) engaging them is really a priority to in my eyes.

What was pointed at in Moth's post was a way to familiarize them with the joint, but many leave cause they get here then everyone's sitting about or not taking a part in the fort or them.

So DMs: if you can get them aclimatted a bit faster then that's something to do. Also If you can find a way to solve the problem of the player base not having any interest in newbies that'd be something potentially you could address.

Players: I know that it is often more cost than payback when you RP and create a real fort type environment, but when it grows into something fun, it is super fun...

I 'unno.. that's my 2 (non)Cents
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping Anphillia-virgins   Keeping Anphillia-virgins Icon_minitimeSun Mar 07, 2010 7:30 am

I totally dont have the most characters ^_^

I agree, RP environment is neat and Cleaven, at least, really has it going on when theirs a few people about - also most people I've seen tend to help out new players.

The quest stuff is a neat idea as well, and we'll prolly implement that in - in some form or another.

Anphillia Exodus; Gameworld Page - Vote nicely!

Keeping Anphillia-virgins Rann_siggy
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping Anphillia-virgins   Keeping Anphillia-virgins Icon_minitimeSun Mar 07, 2010 7:40 am

Aye. Doing a few things to acclimate new players quickly has always been a priority. We completely overhauled starting gear, the starting areas, and death/respawn xp loss at low levels in order to circumvent the "what equipment should I use?--and where can I go without getting slaughtered?" troubles that plagued new players on Genesis.

Unfortunately, I don't think that was enough, and bumping up the experience rate has even caused new players to move out of that comfy cushion much more quickly. Some pointers here and there via quests and conversations would be a boon.

But it's a time-consuming endeavor. There are a lot of things taking priority right now, and many of us are otherwise busy with real world sort of stuff. That's not to say that we aren't interested in creating a more welcoming environment for our newer players (certainly, we are!--we love new players as much as you do), but we can only get things done as quickly as... well, about as quickly as we can do them.
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping Anphillia-virgins   Keeping Anphillia-virgins Icon_minitime

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Keeping Anphillia-virgins
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