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 Hullet's Notice

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PostSubject: Hullet's Notice   Hullet's Notice Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 1:14 am

*The following notice is pinned to the inner gates of Axfell*

My dear friends,

Cleaven have betrayed us, once again. The self-righteous dogs would not be content with simply eradicating the threat, or at least part of it, in Condors Scream. Our spys report Cleaven survivors returning, yet strangely not one Axfell.

The attacks from the Scream have ceased, our Axfellian warriors managed to perform their mission - even with the traitorous Cleaven dogs hindering their every move.

This morning I received a notice which confirmed that the truce has been broken, but the reason they gave was our betrayel. Ours!

Blood will be payed in blood, my friends - make no mistake about that. We will rebuild our ravaged council and destroy the plague that is Cleaven. We will be better for it.

For too long they have taken what is rightfully ours; Anphillia.

We whom discovered it, we whom layed claim to it first.

*The notice is not signed, but the strength that the writing has been scrawled (To the point several words are now carved into the gate) it could be no other than Captain Hullet*

Hullet's Notice Dungeon_Master_20d
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Hullet's Notice
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