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NWN 1 Faction roleplay PW using CEP v2.3
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PostSubject: Ripper   Ripper Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 8:09 pm


Spell level: Bard 5, Cleric 5, Druid 4, Wiz/Sor 5
Innate level: 5
School: Evocation
Descriptor: Special
Components: V, S
Range: Long
Area of effect: 1.5 Meter Cylinder
Duration: Instant
Save: Fortitude
Spell resistance: Yes
Metamagic: Empower, Maximize
Counterspell: -

Description: The caster hurls a ray of elemental energy forward, inflicting 1d3/level damage of the selected type to the first target and half that damage to others in the area of effect. The possible types of damage are fire, cold, or electrical.

Because of how cylinder-form spells are handled, only enemies between the caster and the point where the spell is targeted will take damage.
A successful save reduces the damage taken by 20, which is slated to be replaced by a more conventional save.
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