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 Skin of the Forest

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Skin of the Forest Empty
PostSubject: Skin of the Forest   Skin of the Forest Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 8:10 pm

Skin of the Forest

Spell level: Druid 5
Innate level: 5
School: Transmutation
Descriptor: -
Components: V, S
Range: Caster
Area of effect: Single
Duration: 1 Turn/Level
Save: No
Spell resistance: No
Metamagic: Extend
Counterspell: -

Description: The caster gains the powers of a totem animal of their choice:
Bird: Immunity to Searing Light, and Word of Faith, and blindness.
Wererat: Immunity to Phantasmal Killer, Vampiric Touch, and deafness.
Cockatrice: Immunity to Flesh to Stone, Cockatrice's Touch, and paralysis.
Cobra: Immunity to Magic Missile, Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm, and poison.
Vermin: Immunity to Combust, Melf's Acid Arrow, and mind spells.

Casting this spell removes any Skin of the Forest effects already on the caster.
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Skin of the Forest
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