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 New Improved Council Chambers

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PostSubject: New Improved Council Chambers   New Improved Council Chambers Icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 6:03 am

Though not in yet, they're mostly finished and should be in soon.

However, the council will undergo abit of a change - namely it will be more political, than class role orientated.

The roles (Loosely) will be as follows:

The praetor is in charge of many things, second only to the captain of the fort himself. He oversee's the council and works closely with the captain - he is the captains right-hand man and is particularly involved in battle tactics. He is also in charge of electing council members, if the militia show no interest in electing them.

Second In Command
This role is second only to the praetor, and assists him in carrying out his day to day duties. Should the praetor fall in battle, or disappear - or any other such occurrence, they will take his position.

The ambassador is in charge of diplomacy, both internally and externally. They are particularly involved in Ranzington politics.

Generally a well learned historian, this person is well versed in the history of the island and should be a source of knowledge for the council. They would work closely with the Head Of Intelligence.

This councillor specialises in creating and upholding laws, also they are the first choice for Judge in matters of dispute or punishment.

Head Of Intelligence
The head of intelligence orchestrates a network of spies, contacts and oversees scouting partys. They collecting useful information for the council.

High Priest
The high priests are primarily in charge of keeping the Gods appeased and to tailor to the needs of the Religious militia. They are also in charge of Religious holidays and the general upkeep of morale for the fort.

Note that this is loosely - the Councillors will be expected to be active to retain their positions, however this does not necessarily guarantee it. If your decide your PC would use more violent or abrupt measures against the councillors (Assassination / A Coup), please PM me and I'll preside over it - otherwise, call a vote or some such.

The Councillors themselves will have no benefits attached to them, aside from they are RP'ly stationed above others, they may also be more involved in paticular world events (EG. If a new faction arose, the Ambassadors of both forts would be primarily involved). If they roleplay sending you to jail, or arresting you - please play along! A DM cant be there all the time to intervene. (Forcible Jail Widgets coming soon)

If you feel a councillor is abusing their powers you can -always- take it up with the captain. (Send a letter to my PM box and we'll see if Daler / Hullet are in a head smacking mood).

I'd also ask, that if you have a council position, or are assigned one, or voted in - that you tell me so I can fix you up some nice new chambers (At least when the new'er council is in). You can always build them yourself, provided they're not 5-area palaces with hidden +20 swords in, and I'd be happy to put them in.

Anphillia Exodus; Gameworld Page - Vote nicely!

New Improved Council Chambers Rann_siggy
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New Improved Council Chambers
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