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 Pale Master Changes

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PostSubject: Pale Master Changes   Pale Master Changes Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 4:10 am

The Pale Master class has been modified to become more of a caster oriented class.

As such, Deathless Mastery is gone and replaced with Evasion-feat.

Special Caster Level:

.) Any Spell of the Necromancy School will add the PM Levels into the Caster Level-count.
So casting say Horrid Wiltring as a 15 Wizard/10 Pale Master will be the same as casting it as 25 Wizard.

.) If the PM has more PM Levels than Caster Levels and have the Epic Spell Penetration-feat, they will ignore the Targets Spell Resistance when casting spells of the Necromancy School. Immunities still apply.

.) If the PM has more PM Levels than Caster Levels, they will use their PM Levels to determine the duration of any spell they cast that has a Haste or Slow effect.

.) PM get their Caster Levels added to Tough as Bone spells, even though it's not a Necromancy-school spell.

.) PM has their PM Levels added flat out to their Dispel Caster Levels - meaning their PM levels stack with their Caster Levels.

.) Pale Master Levels will not break the MothDC-bonus for necromancy spells.

    So for example a Wizard10/Pale Master30 with Great Intelligence X will get the same DC bonus for necromancy spells as a Level 40 Wizard with Great Intelligence X would.
    This holds true in the MothDC-bonus added to Dispel-checks aswell.

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Pale Master Changes
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