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 Pale Master Summoning Abilities

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PostSubject: Pale Master Summoning Abilities   Pale Master Summoning Abilities Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 4:11 am

All of these have been improved considerabbly and advance with Pale Master levels - Stay tuned for more specific information.

Animate Dead:

A more powerful version of the swarm-spell Animate Dead. It can summon up to 9 Skeleton Cheiftains (at 30 PM levels) to fight the PM's side.

Summon Undead:

Summons a Toxic Skeleton to fight by the PM's side. The Toxic Skeleton can cast buff spells on the PM. As the PM becomes Epic, the Toxic Skeleton will grow in power.

Summon Greater Undead:

Summons different powerful Undead summons to fight by the PM's side. At Level 29 the PM will summon a very powerful Dragonflesh and a swarm of Skeleton Archers.

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Pale Master Summoning Abilities Rann_siggy
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Pale Master Summoning Abilities
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