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 Horses and Mount Actions (Paladin + PDK)

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Horses and Mount Actions (Paladin + PDK) Empty
PostSubject: Horses and Mount Actions (Paladin + PDK)   Horses and Mount Actions (Paladin + PDK) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:41 am


Horses can be ridden anywhere, even indoors.
I will nicely ask Players to not ride inside indoor areas in Towns or Forts for the time being.

    You cannot rest while mounted.
    You cannot polymorph while mounted.
    You cannot apply Expeditious Retreat while mounted.
    You cannot mount while polymorphed.
    You cannot mount with Expeditious Retreat.

All bonuses from the Mount count towards the bonus cap and are permanent and undispellable - they can only be removed by dismounting.

I strongly recommend everyone to buff up after mounting, as this will make sure you get the undispellable buffs from the Mount in case you reached bonus cap. Futhermore, Mounting before buffs puts less strain on the Server.

Mount Actions:
Individual Mount: Lets you mount your horse.
Individual Dismount: Lets you dismount your horse.
Party Mount: Cycles the Mounts appearance to the next one.
Party Dismount: Cycles the Mounts appearance to the previous one.
Assign Mount: Stores the Mounts appearance so you won't have to cycle every time you lost the Mount. Stored Mount appearances are deleted at Server Reboot.

There are two ways to Summon a Mount.

.) 1.69 Paladins summon it by using the Special Ability Summon Mount.

.) Pre 1.69 Paladins and PDK's summon it using their Crafting Menu.

Paladin at lvl 5
PDK at lvl 10

Either way, you can only Summon one Mount per rest.
The Mount is dismounted and unsummoned at rest or relog.


Ride Skill 1

Summon Mount Feat (Paladin Level 5) or Purple Dragon Knight 10 Levels.


    +50% Movement Speed that doesn't stack with Haste-effects movement bonus but stacks with other Movement-speed bonuses.
    All other effects from Haste still applies.

    +1 Dodge AC and +1 for every 9 base points in Ride Skill.

    +1 AB. If the Player has Mounted Combat-feat they get an additional bonus of +1 for every 15 Paladin and/or PDK levels.

    +2 AB to Range Weapons from Mounted Archery-feat.

If the Player has 3 or more Monk Levels, the Movement Speed bonus while Mounted is set at 1%. In other words, a mounted Monk moves at her regular speeds.
They still get all other bonuses.

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Horses and Mount Actions (Paladin + PDK) Rann_siggy
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Horses and Mount Actions (Paladin + PDK)
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