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 Item Removal Tool

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PostSubject: Item Removal Tool   Item Removal Tool Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:43 am

You now have the option to create an Remove Item Tool from your Crafting Menu.

This Item can be targeted on Plot items in your own inventory.

You cannot remove Faction or ATS essential Items.

This Item is totally OOC and should be treated as such, this is only to be used when you have something stuck in your inventory and there is no DM around to help you.

Any activity with this item is logged in the Server log, with info logged about the user, the CD Key and the Item in question and so on.

If you unsure about an Item and if you may remove it or not, ASK ON THE FORUMS FIRST!

This is a lot of responsability to give to you players and abusing it will bring out the ban-hammer without doubt.



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Item Removal Tool Rann_siggy
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Item Removal Tool
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