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 Persistant Map Pin System

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PostSubject: Persistant Map Pin System   Persistant Map Pin System Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 3:45 am

You can open your Crafting Menu - Misc and choose to Activate your Persistant Map Pin System. When that is done, you will get a small token in your inventory.
This Token cannot be forcefully removed.

Once you have this item, three new options will appear in your Crafting Menu - Misc.

Save Map Pins: This will save your Map Pins. Your Map Pins will also be automatically saved each time you log off.

Load Map Pins: This will load your Map Pins. Your Map Pins will also be automatically load each time you log on.

Delete Map Pins: This will delete the Map Pin Token from your inventory and delete all your stored Map Pins.

The Delete function is something I recommend everyone to use once you relized that you know your way around and don't need the Map Pins anymore.

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Persistant Map Pin System Rann_siggy
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Persistant Map Pin System
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